Tree deaths of 2014 What to plant in future Food Forests.

Summary of Mikl's article on Cherry trees

In our on going quest to provide resilient edible gardens in the Boulder Lyons area we turned over this article below. The in depth knowledge provided by Mikl of Harliquins Gardens provides a way forward in the face of a changing climate. 

Cherry Trees on the Front Range

Most brilliant articles are filled with a lot of technical information that can be hard to get through so I have summarized some interesting information from this article.  

Mikl discusses past events of 1951 and 1990 with hope for the future Mikl goes on to list some varieties that may be more resilient in Front Range orchards of the future. 

Montmorancy among many others in the Prunus family did not fair well. Bali Cherry is Mikl's current favorite having survived this event. Bali Cherrys are also known as Evans Cherry discovered in an old orchard in Edmonton Alberta Canada. This amazing cherry tree can be grown on its own root stock which excludes some problems associated with cherry grafting problems. For more information visit Mikl's article better yet visit their Nursery in North Boulder you will not be disappointed.