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Nature Based Play

Healing Nature Deficit Disorder in Denver Metro schools and backyards! We design with an inner child perspective building dynamic natural playgrounds that can change with children's needs. Our on going goal is to provide spaces that provide the 6 different kinds of play. 

Cob Creations

Utilizing sorted sand, clay, and straw to create miraculous Cob! Some of the oldest standing structures 


Learn More about our Plant Master Garden Maintenance. To increase efficiency we inspect irrigation while working in the garden. 

Colorado Mountain FORESTRY

We provide a knowledgeable customized approach to bring health and provide for rich interactions with the diverse forest Biomes of Colorado. We utilize efficient forestery methods that save money by returning overgrown tree groves to the soil instead of sending carbon into the atmosphere.

Custom Wood Work

We provide customized design, engineering, and old world craftmanship to honor the beauty of the wood we work with. Arborist and local wood mills in the Boulder area provide the opportunity to re-purpose amazing trees. 

Design Build TeAM

Meet the passionate Boulder based team and
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Lyons Boulder Hardscape Artisans

 We practice the ancient art of dry set stone masonry. Our clay soils in Boulder Lyons require careful attention to install long term sustainable patios, paths, and walls.  

Orchards/food forests

Utilizing Bio-swales, Hugelkultur, and plant guilds provide our clients with resilient small scale agriculture. We have found that integrating edible foods into ...

Bio Filtered Water

Bio filtration systems maintain water quality in Koi Ponds, swimming pools, and Backyard HotSprings!

Passive solar greenhouse

We utilize climate battery technology and recycled materials to create affordable sustainable shelters for plants. Our Boulder/Lyons climate provides lots of solar energy which can be stored during the day and utilized during our cold nights.

Boulder and Lyons outdoor kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens in Colorado provide an opportunity to enjoy the amazing Colorado weather. The weather variations in Colorado can quickly degrade substandard construction. Many builders should not apply techniques and materials that are utilized inside the home. Because Urban Oasis only constructs kitchens outdoors we know which materials will hold up long term.