Below are some of the questions we receive almost daily -
and they may be the same questions you have been asking yourself...

Q. How does your design/build process work?
A. To simplify this complex question: We first start by collect information from our customer and the land they want work on. We than provide multiple 3d concepts with numbers. These different concepts are then molded into a design that fits our customers budget, ascetics, and functions.

Q. Do you charge for design work and how much does it cost?

We do charge for our design work so that our customers own the design and are free to move forward however they please. We do not like 'hiding' design costs in the landscape installation. We have observed that quality design work saves money during the installation and like most things you get what you pay for

Every design job is different, the average residential design work runs about $1,200.00

The average schoolyard design runs about $3,500.00

We like to first visit with you and your land then we can send you a customized design quote that fits your needs.

Q. Do you install lawns?
A. We understand the need for a soft green place for dogs, kids, or just a simple ascetic. We utilize warm season grasses for hot exposed areas with poor soil and low foot traffic. Clover mixes provide a no mow solution to build rich soil while providing a lush green Oasis that holds up very well to pet urine. We also work with different cool season hybrids that provide drought tolerance and foot traffic tolerance. To answer the question simply we match our customers needs with an diverse array of ground cover solutions.

Q. I would like to start, but I don’t have the money for the entire project. Can I break it into phases?
A. Yes, we take the most efficient ways of breaking down a job to fit a customers budget. We also find that working in stages allows us to move forward with feedback from the last stage. We cannot efficiently break jobs into chunks smaller than 5K.

Q. Do you work all year long?
A. Yes, there are many phases of a project that can be completed during our mild winter months. Sometimes, it is a situation where Mother Nature decides what phase of your landscape we can install. We do a lot of designs during the winter months to get the process started and help get your spring needs met early.

Q. Can I do some of the work myself?
A. Yes, for budget reasons, or for the love of gardening we put together plans for clients who like to get their hands dirty. We have also helped to coordinate community work sessions for schools and public gardens. We enjoy helping people connect with their land. 

Q. Do I have to water a xeriscape landscape?
A. For the first year of an installation plants need water to establish deep healthy root systems. After that, most can do well with water once to twice a month during drought conditions.

Q. What if I want a plant with more water needs than the rest of my landscape?
A. We have a great system so that you can throw some vegetables into your garden or a must have plant using our multi circuit drip system which supplies water directly where it needs to go without over-watering the low water need plants.