Lina Dzekciorius

Growing up, the forest behind my Upstate NY home was my favorite escape as a child. Where the lawn ended trails began, nature opened a path to a magical realm that could take you away from the world. I carried the gifts of the natural world with me over every mountain towards the journey's ahead. A conscious relationship with the earth is an integral part of our families lifestyle - We breathe it in whether cycling, rock climbing, backpacking or just being.

My degree in Environmental ScienceBiology, Native Plant Master and numerous native herbal studies have made for a well rounded perspective of how to work with properties and clients visions in a way that supports the land as well as its wild inhabitants. Working and managing our maintenance team has given me an understanding of what concepts are sustainable and maintainable in real world big picture settings. Problem solving for creative living and plants are passions of mine, I am always up for a chat about medicinal and edible native plants for kids and family. Fun fact,: all 3 of our boys could name at least 6 plants, near them whether wild or garden and tell you if it's edible :-)