Jacob Kelsey.


Jacob grew up living and traveling all over the U.S. and Europe.  After graduating high school in Germany, Jacob studied Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz, with an emphasis on Ecology and Agroecology.  He extended his studies in the Redwood forested campus for another 6 months to partake in the famed apprenticeship in Organic Horticulture at the UCSC Center for Sustainable Food Systems.  He recently completed a Certificate of Graduate Study in Ecological Design (M.S. candidate) from University of Vermont under Dr. John Todd, one of the pioneering founders of the field. 


Jacob is an avid explorer, and has spent cumulative years of his life traveling, working, and living abroad, with a special appreciation for the for jaw dropping diversity found in the ecosystems of the Neo-Tropics.  Jacob’s deep knowledge of ecology and sustainable design has landed him a range of exciting and formative experiences over the years, from guiding trips for National Geographic in The Galapagos, to designing organic gardens for Francis Ford Coppola resorts in Belize. 


Closer to home, Jacob loves romping around the Front Range high desert ecosystems.  He holds an Advanced Certificate in Permaculture Design from the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, and has an extensive knowledge of Colorado Native and xeriscape plants.  Although his passion is for design, Jacob is no stranger to getting his hands dirty, and draws from years of gardening, hardscaping, and irrigation installation experience throughout the design process. 



Jacob’s approach to design centers around the creation of landscapes that are as equally beautiful as they are functional and productive.  Armed with deep knowledge and even deeper appreciation for natural systems, Jacob aims to help Urban Oasis push the envelope in design that will not only facilitate sustainable living, but also inspire the soul.